About Us

The Internet Hitmen are a team of experienced, seasoned coders and web designers. As for me, My personal marketing career began with 10 plus years BC (Before Computers) as a Realtor. My expertise here now extends from Web Marketing  to Ecommerce, Database and Website Security.

Just the short list of what I bring to the table:

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As Internet business consultants, we’ve been in the search engine game for over 15 years and have survived everything that Google has thrown at us.

Competition Is TOUGH. How Can We Make The “Net” Work For You?

As a former Realtor I know the importance of a targeted, effective marketing program. This takes on a whole new dimension on the Internet because everyone in your business is trying to target the same search terms and keywords, making it even more difficult for your customers or clients to find you.

We have a proven, comprehensive ranking strategy designed for your core business model. And this formula, crafted from years of experience and massive
investment in both time and money allows us to play in the same arena as the big dogs like Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Is Your Website A Solid, Proven Winner? Or Just Another Ship On An Overcrowded, Highly Competitive Sea Of Websites?

We offer a complete online website analysis that will open your eyes and show you what your potential customers/clients really see when they’re looking for you. No fluff, just the real information you need to know about your web presence. Call or click for more information.